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Sabzpardazesh Iranian

Sabzpardazesh Iranian Company in 2006 aimed at enhancing the technical knowledge and localize in the field of automation hardware, software and hardware was established. Over 3 years of establishment of the company, could be utilizing scientific and technical forces employees to localize technology and to achieve self sufficiency. This can be technical in places such as amusement park, swimming pool and leisure centers can be used.
Sabzpardazesh Iranian Company Managers, according to company policies and provide the most desirable customers consulting services, sales, support and...

New Product

Rfid /Wifi Color Card Reader

Feature of Rfid /Wifi Color Card Reader:
The first non-contact card reader with the ability to rotate the body colors (7 colors)
Change Color When reading the cards (green when card is valid and red when card isn't valid)
Possible to operate the device online and offline
Persian and English display 2.6" TFT LCD
Wifi/Lan Connection
Output relay to start the game
Save 1700 record in case of Off-line
Setting and pricing system through a server
Specific Site Code
Setting the device IP Address
Permanent battery